Minette's Commissions

These prices are just a general idea! Price can be lower or higher depending on your commission details. Prices do not include added fees, like larger edits. Please check my TOS for a guide on that! :3


Backgrounds: Vary greatly!
Simple: $5-$20 USD
Complex: $20-$40 USD
Complexity Fees
Complex character: +$5-$20 USD
Complex Outfits: +$5-$20 USD
No references: +$5 -$20 USD

"Little" Crayon Doodle!

1 Crayon Doodle: $15 USD"Little" Minette also offers commissions! You can get a crayon messy doodle done while she's in "daycare" ;3Per character! Doesn't usually include any background (props: yes!) but it can be discussed <3

Coloured Sketch - Full Body

Flat: $45 USD
Shaded: $55 USD
- Per Character
- Does not include any backgrounds
- Note: These tend to be messy of course! The actual style, brushes used and how messy it is can vary and may not look exactly like the example.


Flat: $40 USD
Shaded: $50 USD
+ FA size of 100x100
- Per Character
- Icons are a close up of the head/face, usually do not show as much background and are a small resolution canvas.


Currently no examples. Want to be the example? ;3Flat: $60 USD
Shaded: $70 USD
*White, transparent or colour backgrounds availablePer Character


Currently no examples. Want to be the example? ;3Flat: $70 USD
Shaded: $80 USD
*Backgrounds available. They would be a bit more simple and more zoomed in with the focus being on the characters.Per Character

Full Body

Flat: $80 USD
Shaded: $90 USD
*All backgrounds available
Per Character

Reference Sheets

Customizable!- Each full body view (front/side) $85 USD
- Each Backview: $42 USD
- Bust: $60 USD
- Clothing (per outfit): $10-20 USD
- Item (per Item): $5-20 USD
Have another idea? Feel free to ask!