Minette's Commissions

Prices can change based on character complexity!

Backgrounds can be between $5-$30
No ref/Complex character/outfits can be between $5-20

Prices are cheaper then it seems!

My prices are in CAD: Canadian Prices.

It is actually much cheaper to you Americans!

The currency rate changes daily so you can get an idea of the cost to you here: click here!

But typically it's about $10-$15 less!

I am currently having a sale on my prices! <3


$56 CAD $46 CAD

+ FA size of 100x100

Per Character


$87 CAD $77 CAD

*Does not include backgrounds
Per Character


$81 CAD $71 CAD
*Does not include backgrounds
Per Character


$100 CAD $90 CAD
*Simple Backgrounds available
Per Character

Full Body

$115 CAD $100 CAD

*All backgrounds available
Per Character

Reference Sheets

Customizable! Prices are per body/item/outfit

Front or Side view: $115 CAD $100 CADBackview: $75 CAD $65 CADHeadshot: $68 CAD $58 CADClothing: $15 CAD $10 CADItem: $5 CAD
Have another idea? Feel free to ask!